Dating during pandemic part 2

We met for the first time in February 2020, following some discussions on a dating app. I lived in Nancy and he Metz: the back and forth followed so that they could share a few moments together over a drink, a good meal, or on the dance floors. A true mutual crush.

When the containment was announced, everything was done naturally. We decided to confine ourselves together, to give our story a chance. We created our first memories, got to know each other more and without a filter. We’ve never left each other since.

I even ended up leaving everything and coming to live in Metz in September 2020. Containment has clearly helped us build our history.

“I took my courage with both hands and went on an adventure”

Marie, 38, from Joudreville (54)

Our story began in full confinement in April 2020. I was playing DuelQuiz on my smartphone, a general culture game where there are no photos, just avatars. I kept losing to “Rio42” so I sent him a message: “I’m tired of losing!”. We started talking and from thread to needle, a game of seduction set in.

Two months later, we decided to meet. He lives in Saint-Etienne, so I took my courage with both hands and I went on an adventure, fear in my stomach. This Valentine’s Day 2021 was the first for both of us: the beginning of a wonderful love story. You could date a valentine online.

“Without the Covid-19, our paths would never have crossed”

Bastien, 25, from Metz

I met my girlfriend during the first confinement in March. I was an emergency room nurse and she was a nursing assistant. She came to reinforce my department and we had time to get to know each other.

Without the Covid-19, our paths would not have crossed. We have been together for nine months now.