The origin of pleasure

The word “porn” was derived from the Greek word pórnē, which means prostitute. No exact date has been found that marks the first use of the word. Porn and similar activities can be traced back to thousands of years porn were heavily associated with prostitution for a long time and the meaning of the word was limited to sexual activities in brothels. The exact date of origin of the word remains a mystery till date. 

  • Books and scriptures 

Ancient books often discuss sex and sexual activities. The famous Kama Sutra, which originated in India, is a book dedicated to intercourse and sex. The book has been translated into different languages and is still coveted by a lot of people around the globe. Mythological scriptures have often discussed sex and sexual encounters. Later poets of the Elizabethan and Victorian-era discussed arousing topics in their poetry and books containing love letters were published as well. Over time, people got creative and started writing magazines and comics that were published as pornography books. Today you can watch things like hd porn videos easily online.

  • Sculptures and monuments 

Artifacts unearthed from different historical sites have proved that mankind was invested in porn for ages. Ancient civilizations indulged in porn and sex, as artifacts have revealed about them. Provocative and lucrative paintings have also been discovered. Many temples and monuments have several carvings that portray sexual positions and activities in detail. Shockingly, sex and prostitution were so common in the early days as it has often been treated as a taboo. However, it can be deduced that people were much more open-minded back then, and sex was treated as a natural phenomenon, as it should be.

  • Prostitution

Prostitution is one of the oldest trades. The flesh has been big business for ages. Sex slaves were big things a century or two back. People auctioned women and sold them to the highest bidder. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of the porn emerged from the world of prostitutes. With time they started making tapes and selling them to earn extra money to support themselves. 

Today, the porn industry is popular and extremely famous. Pornstars earn more money than a lot of us and the business is thriving. Men and women have often indulged in adult entertainment. Today, you can find magazines, comic books, and websites like fostertapes videos that let you surf and engage in pornography. The trade has come a long way. Though no one knows when it started, it is one of the biggest industries in the world.