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Have a look at Nataliya – we could only say “wow!” when she came to the office to full fill an application form and to show her documents (girls do it in order to get a status “confirmed” in their profiles). And do you know what we were surprised with? Nataliya is modest, sweet, natural and not at all capricious. It seems that she doesn’t realize her beauty and woman’s strengh. “I would like to share some words with you so that you could have an idea of who I am. I am a very open and optimistic person. I am loving, well-balanced and have a great sense of humor. I have a lot of friends and they trust me.

I finished medical college, got a higher education and also finished the training in cosmetology. My current occupation is the industry of beauty! I am a massage therapist, a cosmetologist and a nail master.I really like my job. To make people beautiful, to give them happiness and optimism makes me happy too!

you want to find your beloved woman

I would like to find my only one, my biggest true love and to build a family. I’m here hoping to make a new relationship – this time I want a relationship that will last a lifetime. I am ready to relocate if my man lives outside Russia. When two loving people find each other there are no borders for them. Do you feel the same? I am looking for you! Please, write me now”, Natalya says.

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